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Menus & Buffets

Special occasions require special attention.
We therefore recommend that you choose one of our menus for your celebration. This means that the kitchen and service can prepare for your banquet with enough time. All menus and buffets are tailored to your wishes, seasonal specialties and vegetarian dishes can be included in the menus, whether asparagus, chanterelles, game or…
Please let us know your wishes, we are at your disposal at any time.

All further information can be found here:

Our Menus

Menu 1 - Berlin Menu

starting from 6 persons

Matjes tatare

with potato pancakes, caramelized apple, red onions and sour cream

Mother’s potato soup

with sausages and vegetables

Königsberg meatballs

with asparagus, mushrooms, caper sauce and mashed potatoes


Pike perch fillet with horseradish cream

Herb potatoes and cucumber salad

Cream puffs with Berlin air,

filled with vanilla ice cream and cherry jelly


Menu 2 - with two Main courses to choose

starting from 6 persons


Beef Carpaccio

with porcini mushrooms and parmesan

Shrimp minestrone

with tomato, vegetables, saffron and pesto

Scaloppa Saltim Bocca

with saddle of veal, sage, Parma ham, whitewhine sauce, mixed vegetables and rosmary potatoes


Sea bream fillet with ciabattacrust,

basilsauce, fennel und olive risotto

Mascarpone Panna Cotta

with three kinds of fruit sauces

Menu 3 - with two Main courses to choose

starting from 6 persons


Buratta with roasted bell pepper,

arugula and olivepaste

Cream soup of tomato and orange

with croutons and basil sour creme

Grilled beef tenderloin Strindberg

with black pepper jus, green beans and gratinated potatoes


Cod fillet with lobster prawn,

rosa peppersauce, grilled fennel and truffled mashed potatoes

Crêpes Suzette

with Grand Marnier, orangesauce and vanilla ice cream

Menu 4 - with two Main courses to choose

starting from 6 persons


Mediterranean appetizer plates

with beef carpaccio, ham, shrimps, olives,
grilled vegetables and feta cheese

Cream soup of cellery 

with truffled serrano ham roulade 

Saddle of veal with cashew crust, 

porcini mushroom sauce, french vegetables
gratinated potatoes and Parmesan


Sea wolf fillet with tomato-buttersud,

baked capers, spinach and risotto

Three kinds of Crème Brulée

gratinated with cane sugar 

Menu 5 - our recommendation for spring

starting from 6 persons


Mozarella cheese of Brandenburger buffaloes

with beet root carpaccio, wild garlic oil and caramelized honey nuts

Beelitzer cream soup of white asparagus

with ham stripes and liason

Lamb with rosmary crust,

cherry tomatoes, green beans and gratinated potatoes


Plaice fillets,

with prawnsauce, arugula risotto, mixed salad with Sylt dressing

Bienenstich Panna Cotta

with honey almond crust and marinated strawberries

Menu 6 - our recommendation for autum

starting from 6 persons


Grilled pumpkin 

with goat cream cheese praline, leaf salad and spicy caramelized nuts

Cream soup of porcini mushrooms

with bacon stripes and croutons

Ovenfresh farmduck

with cranberry apple, red cabbage, potatoe dumpling and breadcrumbs in butter 


Cod fillet with dill-mustardsauce

sauerkrat and mashed potatoes

Marzipan Creme Brulée

gratinated with cane sugar and amaretto cherries

Menu 7 - Business Menu


starting from 10 persons


Pan fried shrimps with chutney

marinated leaf salads and cocktailsauce

Carpaccio of Black Angus beef

with mushroom salad, dijon-mustard and parmesan

Gratinated goat cream cheese (V)

with chutney, leaf salad and spicy caramelized nuts


Grilled Rump steak with black pepper jus,

green beans and gratinated potatoes

Halibut fillet with sesame crust,

rose peppersauce, spinach and truffled risotto 

Pan fried king oyster mushrooms, (V)

with nutbutter, savoy cabbage a’la creme and truffled mashed potatoes



Parfait of espresso and white chocolate

with rasberry pulp and flambéed mango stripes


Menu 8 - the special menu

starting from 6 persons


Tuna tatar

with wasabi, sesame, soysauce
and crispy wan tan

Cream soup of lobster 

with gratinated cognac cream

Truffled canelloni

with pinenut butter and parmesan

Chateau Briand beef filet

with sauce Bearnaise, mushrooms, grilled tomato, mixed vegetables,
green beans, Ratatouille, fried potatoes and croquettes

Mousse au Chocolate in three variations

with marinated berries


Buffet Landhaus - country house


Smoked salmon and trout fillet with horseradish cream
Matjes fillet with apple, cucumber, onion, sour cream sauce and fried potatoes
Roast beef, roasted pink with remoulade sauce
Cucumber salad with dill
Stuffed eggs with trout caviar
Schnitzel and mini meatballs fresh from the pan
Lukewarm potato salad with crispy bacon
Swiss-style sausage salad


Berlin potato soup with sausages

Main course

Oven-fresh roast suckling pig
Crispy country duck with porcini mushroom sauce
Fried pike-perch fillet with spinach leaves and almond butter
Vegetable maultaschen with cherry tomatoes and garden herbs
Chive mashed potatoes, red cabbage and mini dumplings



Cheese board with grapes
Bavarian cream with nougat sauce and brittle
Kaiserschmarrn with 4 sweets
Red berry jelly with vanilla sauce

Buffet trend


Mediterranean grilled vegetables with halloumi, eggplant,
zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and fennel
Caesar salad with parmesan and croutons
Cous cous salad with fresh herbs
Greek farmer’s salad with feta cheese and oregano
Burratta with melted tomato, basil oil and garlic croutons
Avocado cream with prawns and orange vinaigrette


Cream soup of bell pepper and curry with Greek yogurt


Main course

Piccata, corn-fed chicken breast with parmesan and tomato sauce
Cream cheese ravioli with king oyster mushrooms and pesto
Grilled shrimps with three different sauces
Red pointed peppers stuffed with risotto
Fresh vegetables from the market and ratatouille
Sweet potatoes with roasted sesame seeds



Goat’s cream cheese with various chutneys and nuts
Catalan vanilla cream gratinated with cane sugar
Crepes filled with chocolate cream and almond brittle
Mango mousse with chili cherry sauce


Buffet Toscana


Vitello tonnato, roasted veal with tuna sauce and capers
Artichoke hearts with Parma ham
Frutti di Mare, seafood salad with celery
Olives and cherry tomatoes, baby mozzarella and basil
Carpaccio on rocket salad with parmesan shavings
Grilled zucchini with melted tomato and tuna
Roasted peppers with spicy scampi
Eggplant rolls filled with mozzarella,
olives and sun-dried tomatoes
Stuffed mushroom in gorgonzola sauce


Cream of tomato soup with pesto and garlic croutons


Main course

Pork tenderloin with mushrooms in gorgonzola sauce
Saltim Bocca veal escalope with Parma ham and sage
Monkfish fillet with capers and tomato
Truffle tortellini with rocket and parmesan in white wine sauce
Grilled vegetables and vegetables from the market, rosemary gnocchi



Italian cheese specialties with olives
Fruit salad with mascarpone sauce
Panna cotta cream terrine with raspberry puree


Buffet International


Roast beef roasted pink with fried potatoes and remoulade sauce
Marinated salmon with smetana and crispy blinis
Smoked trout with stuffed eggs and anchovy fillets
Scampi and rosemary chicken served with
grilled peppers, zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and basil
Schnitzel and meatballs fried golden brown,
Potato and bacon salad
Matjes fillet with red onions on bean salad


Hungarian goulash soup „fiery hot“


Main course

Roast veal with porcini mushrooms in a cream sauce
Pork fillet wrapped in Parma ham and Parmesan cheese
Grilled swordfish with pepper sauce and spinach leaves
Risotto with mediterranean vegetables and Parmesan cheese
Fresh vegetables from the market and rosemary gratin potatoes



Selected cheeses with grapes, olives and chutneys
Crème brûlée with marinated berries
Chocolate mousse,
Crêpes prepared according to your wishes at the buffet


Buffet Ebert


Slices of Barbarie duck breast with Waldorf salad, walnuts and apple
Lobster prawns with melted butter and cocktail sauce
Artichoke salad with tomato concassé and olives
Pink roasted saddle of veal with tartar sauce and baked capers
Carpaccio of Black Angus beef with Italian grilled vegetables
Smoked fish variation with eel, trout and salmon, horseradish smetana
and potato pancakes
Gratinated goat’s cheese pralines with honey and beet carpaccio


Soup according to season and time of year
Cream of porcini mushroom soup, cream of asparagus soup,
cream of tomato and orange soup, porcini mushroom broth or ?


Main course

Pink roasted saddle of beef carved at the buffet with Béarnaise sauce
Crispy duck on a porcini mushroom sauce
Medallions of veal fillet with herb crust and white wine sauce
Monkfish fillet with pink pepper on shrimp sauce
Truffle tortelloni with pine nut butter sauce
Fresh seasonal vegetables and truffled mashed potatoes



Selected cheeses with grapes, olives and chutneys
Crème brûlée with marinated berries
Chocolate mousse,
Crêpes prepared according to your wishes at the buffet


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